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Friday, January 29, 2010

The original Hockey Devils from South Jersey

New Jersey Newsroom Feature - January 28, 2010:

Before there were the Devils ... there were the Devils.

Devils Hockey was based in South Jersey at the Cherry Hill Arena. Those Devils were the Jersey Devils of the old Eastern Hockey League.

Joe Baum's Newarker: An airport eatery that became a destination unto itself

New Jersey Newsroom Feature - January 14, 2010:

The Newarker became famous for its elegant dining, grandiose portions, and over-the-top flambé. And, it was so good that people used to go to the airport just to eat. In fact, The Newarker became a destination restaurant where 90 percent of the customers were non-travelers.

Jersey bands influence a great Philly New Year's Day tradition

New Jersey Newsroom Feature - December 29, 2009:

The Durning String Band of Oaklyn has performed since 1936.

A different kind of Christmas: Crossing the Delaware as George Washington did

New Jersey Newsroom Feature - December 14, 2009:

Since 1954, "George Washington" has led a parade of soldiers before boarding a Durham boat replica and crossing the Delaware.

It takes place at the site General Washington and his men of the Continental Army and militia crossed the river on Christmas night 1776, and then marched to Trenton.

In search of perfect N.J. holiday Main Street that time forgot ...

Newsroom New Jersey Feature - December 4, 2009:

We’re on the lookout for a Main Street that works for you – a Main Street that is inviting, that makes you feel good, and that provides you convenient access to the goods and services you need - in a way that fosters a sense of community and a sense of place.

A New Jersey Turnpike road companion – all about those folks we honor through rest stops

New Jersey Newsroom Feature - November 27, 2009:

Just who are the people that the New Jersey Turnpike rest areas are named after?

Clearly, some names are familiar to most of us. Others are more obscure.